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Letters: Adam Yosef

Title:Letter: Lay off doc.(Letters).
Source:Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (August 18, 2005): p.10. (181 words)

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COPYRIGHT 2005 Birmingham Post & Mail Ltd
Byline: Adam Yosef

WILL somebody please tell Maureen Messent to shut up?
I read her column regarding Dr Naseem (Mail, August 12) and have to say that even I, someone who is not on the best of terms with the mosque chairman, am inclined to agree more with him after reading her bitter rant.
Dr Naseem has achieved a great deal as far as UK mosques are concerned.
He has really put his neck out, even risking his own safety at times.
Every time there has been trouble at the mosque, he has not been afraid to remove or ban the culprits and has progressed beyond cultural norms by allowing a woman on the city's Shariah Council and another as a mosque spokesperson.
Where else will you find this in Britain or even the world?
The former GP has done a great deal for Muslims in Britain and might just be the person who will help change attitudes amongst the more radical elements in the community so if the man has some personal views, let him express them

Adam Yosef, Saltley

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Title:Your Letters : Brum poverty message.(Letters).
Source:Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (June 24, 2005): p.10. (153 words)

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Byline: Adam Yosef

THE whole country seems to be participating in the international campaign to end world poverty with Live8, Make Poverty History and all of the G8 protests, action and dialogue.
However, I'm a little bit disappointed that Birmingham hasn't shown its support on the national stage.
Okay, so we may not be planning a concert, but we have one of the best Drop the Debt campaigns in Britain.
Have people already forgotten the Jubilee 2000 human chain formed around the city during the 1998 G8 summit held in Brum?
I think Birmingham should be celebrating the return of the G8 to Britain and supporting the campaign to end Third World debt in a more recognisable manner.
Personally, I think the now bare Rotunda would be ideal in displaying a huge Make Poverty History white band around the cap of the tower.
Let's get something done!

Adam Yosef, Saltley Gate Peace Group

Source Citation:"Your Letters : Brum poverty message." Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (June 24, 2005):
Title:Letter: Don't make Muslims suffer like the Irish.(Letters).
Source:Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (March 24, 2005): p.10. (184 words)

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Byline: Adam Yosef

WITH the current terror laws and the fear being spread about ordinary British Muslims having the potential to be members of Al-Qaeda, you can hardly be surprised if many Brummies show some hostility towards the Muslim community.
Back in the 70s, the Irish community bore the brunt of a similar hate after the pub bombings and resorted to stepping back into the shadows to keep themselves safe. I wouldn't want the city's Muslims to have to opt for the same solution.
On Saturday, 200,000 Brits of all backgrounds marched together to defend theerosion of human rights in this country and abroad.
This week, the Irish and Muslim community will come together for the first time to discuss the criminalising of so-called `suspect communities'. What may have once been a taboo subject for the Irish in the city is now talked about openly and will be shared with the experiences of Muslims to ensure, among other things, that there is never another 20 year ban on a community's right to celebrate their identity.

In peace,

Adam Yosef, Birmingham Stop the War Coalition

Source Citation:"Letter: Don't make Muslims suffer like the Irish." Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (March 24, 2005):
Title:Letter: He's not a pawn in a political campaign.(Letters).
Source:Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (Jan 22, 2005): p.10. (169 words)

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Byline: Adam Yosef

THE release of Moazzam Begg from Guantanamo Bay is a very positive outcome for all those who tirelessly campaigned for his release.
It's going to be very emotional and difficult for him to re-adjust when he finally returns home and in reunited with his family.
However, I think that groups and individuals who are trying to cash-in on his image have seriously undermined the nature of what he has been through these past three years. Surely, for Peace & Progress to start eyeing him up as a possible candidate for their party is in very bad taste. This manner of proposing him up as a celebrity and recruiting him to raise the status of a minority fringe party mirrors UKIP's 'big celebrities, no policies' formula.
But to try to win his father over while Moazzam is not even here yet is just naive.
The rest of us who supported his release do not see him as a pawn serving our own agendas.

Yosef, by email

Source Citation:"Letter: He's not a pawn in a political campaign." Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (Jan 22, 2005):
Title:Letter: New hope can spring from tsunami tragedy.(Letters).
Source:Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (Jan 7, 2005): p.10. (180 words)

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Byline: Adam Yosef

A LOT of people may think that the whole trauma and tragedy of the Tsunami disaster is a grim way to start 2005.
The awesome tidal wave that has brought chaos, destruction and ravaged 12 countries and the citizens of many more may be something that brings dread, hopelessness and fear into people's hearts, but I believe that it should bring hope.
In the days since the disaster, people from across the world have come together to assist the victims.
Money for supplies, food and medicine has been donated at a rapid rate with the British public raising more than the Government. We see people who were previously in conflict or at war helping each other in what may seem a miracle of our times.
People have always believed that 9/11 was a point in recent history that spawned a global climate of fear, war, hate and terror.
I hope that 12/26 will be a date that will be remembered for uniting the world and setting the course for global peace.

Yosef, Saltley Gate Peace Group

Source Citation:"Letter: New hope can spring from tsunami tragedy." Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (Jan 7, 2005):
Title:Your letter: Eid winner.(Comment).
Source:Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (Nov 23, 2004): p.10. (120 words)

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Byline: Adam Yosef

I TAKE this opportunity to thank all of those people who helped make Eid day at the Birmingham Central Mosque such a success.
Eid is a time for joy and a time of goodwill all round.
My thanks go to the stewards, staff, worshippers and to the West Midlands Police, especially Sgt Simon Jones, for coordinating the huge and sometimes difficult job oftraffic and parking control when there are 20,000 people attending services in one morning.
My gratitude also goes towards those who donated towards the charity funds on the day and to Asda supermarket who provided all of our worshippers with bags for their belongings on the busy and hectic day.

Adam Yosef Birmingham Central Mosque

Source Citation:"Your letter: Eid winner." Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (Nov 23, 2004):


Title:Letter: Hate-filled stickers must be removed.(Letters).
Source:Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (Sept 11, 2004): p.8. (156 words)

Full Text :COPYRIGHT 2004 Birmingham Post & Mail Ltd
Byline: Adam Yosef

I APPRECIATE your contribution towards exposing AlMuhajiroun's support of terrorism with their hate-filled stickers vandalising inner city communities (Mail, September 8).
A spokesperson for the council claimed that they had already removed all of the previous stickers from last year and had only left those on private property. This is not so.
I personally wrote to the council complaining of this problem of neighbourhood neglect.
I questioned why stickers promoting terrorism were allowed to be displayed for an entire 12 months with no legal or environmental action taken. We have had no reply from the council.
As for the stickers themselves, there are some displayed from as far back as 2001.
The truth is that private companies like BT and Centro have been removing stickers from their property. It is the lamp posts that are the biggest eyesore and they are the responsibility of Birmingham City Council.

Yosef, Saltley Gate Peace Group

Source Citation:"Letter: Hate-filled stickers must be removed." Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (Sept 11, 2004):
Title:YOUR LETTERS: Islamic dress right option for school.(Letters).
Source:Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (June 23, 2004): p.8. (164 words)

Full Text :COPYRIGHT 2004 Birmingham Post & Mail Ltd
Byline: Adam Yosef

MAUREEN Messent seems to get everything wrong and upsets everyone with her nonsensical rhetoric.
I read with disgust her piece about why she felt 15-year-old Shabina Begum should NOT be allowed to wear her jilbab in school (June 18).
Maureen confuses Islamic faith with Asian culture and probably can't tell the difference between the Koran and a curry.
The school Shabina attends accepts the traditional shalwar kameez attire. Does no-one question why a school has adopted an Asian uniform as a policy for all Muslims? Isn't the shalwar kameez a clothing worn by people of largely Pakistani origin? Shabina comes from a culture where the sari is the most popular traditional garment so if she wants to wear something that conceals her stomach and hips, does she not have that right?
The hijb and jilbab are globally recognised as Islamic dress so why did the school not adopt them for Muslims instead of adopting Pakistani attire? Adam Yosef, Birmingham Central Mosque

Source Citation:"YOUR LETTERS: Islamic dress right option for school." Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (June 23, 2004):
Title:YOUR LETTERS: Police video action proves the point.(Letters).
Source:Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (May 25, 2004): p.26. (194 words)

Full Text :COPYRIGHT 2004 Birmingham Post & Mail Ltd
Byline: Adam Yosef

I AM writing to express my disgust at the actions of the West Midlands Police.
With all of the problems in the city and the crime on our streets, where on Earth do they get the nerve to post two officers outside a community centre to ban a video showing?
I have seen the film documentary Persons of Interest as it was shown at the Birmingham Central Mosque. The documentary explores the reality for those innocent people in the US who were arrested, detained and in some cases deported even though they were found innocent of any crime.
Would it have hurt the West Midlands Police to approach the organisers and discuss their concerns beforehand?
If the local community can't meet in their community centre, then this is the curtailing of basic civil liberties which is very much what the US documentary is all about.
If there was really a safety issue because 12 people were to sit in a room which normally houses many more, then surely the fire safety department would deal with that and not two police officers stationed outside a community centre.

Adam Yosef, B'ham Central Mosque

Source Citation:"YOUR LETTERS: Police video action proves the point." Birmingham Evening Mail (England) (May 25, 2004):


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