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Mosque's Bigley shrine wrecked (Home news)

Source:The Sun (London, England) (Oct 13, 2004): p.6. (250 words)

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Byline: John Scott

Thugs steal Ken's condolence book

CALLOUS thugs have wrecked Ken Bigley's shrine in one of Britain's biggest mosques.
They stole a book of condolence signed by 300 people in honour of the beheaded hostage.
And they also snatched a framed photo, sympathy cards and candles for Ken.
Another picture of the Liverpool engineer was turned upside down and posters were torn down at Birmingham Central Mosque.

Worshippers said an Iraqi-born man, upset by the tribute, had unsuccessfully tried to destroy it on Saturday -the day after official confirmation of Ken's death.

The book was stolen after being put on display at the weekend. It had been signed by the city's Muslim leaders and members of the public. Dr Mohammed Naseem, chairman of the mosque, said: "There's always an element who's not part of the mainstream and does what's wrong. They are sick people. It's very distressing both for us and Mr Bigley's family." Another official, AdamYosef, added: "It was a horrible and callous thing to do."

A new condolence book will be kept safe and sent to Ken's family once signed.
In March, a book of sympathy for the victims of the Madrid bombings was stolen from the same mosque.

Ken, 62, was beheaded by Jordanian-born extremist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi three weeks after being kidnapped.

Yesterday US war jets blitzed a terrorist "safe house" in Fallujah.

Intelligence sources said it was being used at the time by al-Zarqawi's cohorts.

Targeted...the mosque and Ken Bigley, right

Source Citation:"Mosque's Bigley shrine wrecked." The Sun (London, England) (Oct 13, 2004):

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